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Silver amalgam fillings used to be the only type of fillings available. Today, many patients are choosing to have white fillings placed instead of silver amalgam. White fillings blend in with your natural teeth, and they are completely unnoticeable. Composite fillings also do not contain any traces of mercury, which is included in silver fillings. Our office has not placed silver fillings in more than a decade! Dr. Locker recommends white fillings for superior aesthetics and durability.

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tooth colored fillings near altoona pa

What is a tooth filling? White or invisible fillings are made of composite resin, quartz, and glass. They are tooth-colored and look exactly like real teeth. Unlike silver amalgam that is a paste of mercury, tin and silver, white fillings contain no mercury or metal. Besides blending in with your teeth, white fillings are better than amalgam in other ways:

Silver amalgam requires enough space to sit in the tooth, so a significant amount of enamel must be removed. White fillings bond directly to the enamel and form a tight seal that protects from leaks and re-infection. The tooth is stronger because there is little enamel reduction required and small cavities can be filled without drilling too much into the tooth.

Unlike metal, composite resin does not conduct heat or cold, so there is less tooth sensitivity. White fillings are also perfect for people with metal allergies. Some people are concerned that the mercury in silver amalgam fillings can potentially leak and harm the body and environment. White fillings are mercury-free, so they are completely safe.


You dig a hole, you stuff it in and walk away. There is no attachment between the filling and the tooth so as the metal fillings expand and contract from heat and cold, you                        

of different colors that we can use to match your particular tooth color and when we’re done with a white filling on your tooth, you can look at your tooth in the mirror and not even see it. It’s that pretty.

I stopped doing amalgam silver fillings because they are pretty much like doing pot hole fillings.                      

develop leakages between the fillings and the teeth. Also as the fillings expand and your teeth don’t expand as fast, you start developing cracks in your teeth over the years. I see many patients come in with giant silver fillings and pieces of tooth broken off. The white composite fillings, one of the reasons they were invented and are used so widely today by cosmetic dentists is because they are coefficient of expansion, the amount they expand and contract is very close to that of the tooth structure. Another reason is because we actually bond them right to the inside of your tooth. Also they don’t crack your teeth, they look great and there are a number                      

Depending on the size of the cavity or the number of teeth being treated, white fillings can be placed in just one visit. After isolating the tooth, removing decay, and shaping the enamel, Dr. Locker will place the composite resin layer by layer and “cure” each layer with a special light. The tooth colored fillings will then be shaped, polished, and trimmed.

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