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Our Duncansville, Pa. dental practice is dedicated to making sure our patients are happy with their smile. Dr. Neal Locker has transformed his patients’ smiles with his quality, comprehensive services. Look below to hear from some of our satisfied patients.

If you’re looking for family or cosmetic dentistry for yourself or your family, call our office at 814-693-6777 or fill out our online appointment form.

and I love the staff. Heather, when she cleans my teeth, she is awesome and I love the feeling after she gets done cleaning my teeth and she tells me I do a pretty good job cleaning my teeth. She comments on how white my teeth are so that in itself makes me want to just smile.          -- Bonnie P.

Everybody here is just like family. Dr. Locker is great. I have had my teeth whitened, I have had crowns, I’ve had root canals, I’ve had cavities worked on and he explains why he does what he does and what he does is better for you. He alleviated all of my fears so                      


when I come in, I don’t have a problem sitting in the chair. I think they are great. I love Dr. Locker             

needle and I hated that, it scared me. And I was, I was scared to death all my life of the dentist and that great big needle coming at you. They don’t have that anymore, they use the wand and you                     

myself here, nobody has to trick me to get here or anything like that. I guess I feel like a big girl now.          -- Karen E.

They knew I was scared when I came in here, I told them on the phone I was petrified. I remember when I was little and I had a dentist who had glasses and I would look at the glasses and I could actually see him giving me the shot of Novocaine with that great big                                 

don’t see a big needle. They explain everything, they do. Probably one of the worst things I remember, even from when I was young, was the Novocaine. Now I will actually drive                                 

are gentle, hence the name. Dr. Locker is a really good dentist. I’ve never had any problems. I truly enjoy his dentistry. Kendra is a very good hygienist cleaning teeth. I don’t ever have any discomfort or any pain while she is cleaning my teeth or after or anything. I’ve had high spots from previous dentists that they haven’t been able to take care of, when I would bite down I would have pain and                                     

when I started coming here they were able to take care of that and fix that. I’ve only had one root canal and he did that. He put a crown on and I have never had any problem with it. When you leave, the work is going to get done properly and you’re not going to have issues down the road, you’re going to have nice teeth for the rest of your life.          -- Corey M.

I never really liked the dentist a whole lot as a child. I’m not really sure why it was kind of scary to me but I’ve never had any issues since I started coming here. I’ve always felt comfortable. I’ve never had a fear of coming to the dentist so I enjoy it now. They truly                  

day and she said “oh my gosh Mom, they look just like your teeth”. I’ve told some friends of mine that were asking about dentists and that and I said “I haven’t been here this long but if you want a good one, go to Dr. Locker”.          -- Janet G.

Both my sister and I have really soft teeth and I guess tiny, little minute pieces of my teeth were coming off and he put seven crowns on the front; same teeth, same overbite, everything I had and they look natural. My daughter came up from Pittsburgh the other                               

color matched so well he wasn’t able to tell which one he replaced. He has done some excellent work on my teeth. Probably out of all the dentists I’ve ever been to, he’s probably the best and that’s why I come here.          -- Tom W.

The staff, I know you hear it from a lot of different places is friendly, but they are friendly here. They are very nice and will bend over backward to help you if you can’t make it and they really take good care of you. He will not use certain materials to fill your teeth                        

because like you said, although they are good, they are a little bit substandard compared to other items the he will use. When I had other teeth done, caps at other dentists, they never matched up as well as they do here. They actually did one of my caps so well to where the color matched so well the next time I came in he had to actually look at the chart to see which tooth it was because the                            

far, they are very friendly and very convenient. He jokes, he explains everything he is going to do and he’s not happy unless you are happy. He will make adjustments if he needs to. He cares about his patients.           -- Joe M.

Well I came here because it was very odd to have a dentist who does invisalign and I’m still fairly new with coming on with it but it was very convenient and I heard about it and I knew Dr. Locker in the past, he is a great guy. I’ve had nothing but a great experience so                         

afraid. When I went in Dr. Locker told me about it and how it would work for me and it really did. It was really neat because when it was happening, people didn’t really notice that I had braces on.                           

straightened was like a dream come true. It changed me. I was afraid to smile before, now I can.          -- Kassy O.

I’ve had crooked teeth my entire life and I’ve been embarrassed and in my 50’s I found out about Invisalign and I was excited to try it because I didn’t want to wear braces being an older woman. They explained everything to me so well that I was excited. I wasn’t                                           

Even when I was in the process of having my teeth straightened I was more confident and now it’s like I forget how embarrassed I was before. You know to finally get my teeth                              

came up with Invisalign. She had tried braces before and it didn’t work out too successful but with the Invisalign, it was an easier process for a teenager to go through. The Invisalign has helped her                                                 

plan, go over the prices and what  they can do for you here and I think you would be pleased with the service and the help you can get here.          -- Terry B.

If you don’t have a great smile, everybody recognizes it. If things don’t look well, you don’t have that self confidence about yourself. One of my daughters has been working with Sonny, Dr. Locker, over the past few years to get her teeth straightened out and they                                  

and I’m sure has helped many other children have a better quality of life with their smiles. The Invisalign truly does work. They have great people who can sit down, go over the                             

because this was just like a quick fix and he literally gave me a new tooth and built that tooth back                         

Every time I have a problem, he fixes it. I had a tooth that literally somehow cracked and fell apart in my mouth and I freaked out. I called them up and they brought me in he looked at it and temporarily repaired it and made an appointment, a longer appointment                                 

up. After that, not a problem since. If you do have a problem and you call them, they get you right in and they fix it. Whether it is their fault or your fault, it doesn’t matter, he takes care of you. That’s what he did with me and it was great, I don’t have any more pain.

all the procedures before you get it done. They are excellent.          -- Arthur W.

Dr. Locker is fantastic. I was always scared to go to a dentist because of the needles and stuff but Dr. Locker, he has a kind hand. The whole time he is cracking jokes and talking to you and making you calm. He calms you down and does a great job. They really take care                                               

of their patients. They take you in and they have a one on one with you and go over                                        

-- Mark T.