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The moment you walk into Gentle Family Dentistry, you will be greeted by friendly professionals who will welcome you and assist Dr. Locker with your dental care. From setting appointments and helping with insurance filing to clinical assistance, our staff is there for you. Our patients love the gentle and high-quality care they receive from every member of our team.

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I love my staff so much is because I hand picked them so those were the employees I was looking for. For their attitudes, for their attributes rather than for their knowledge              

scrimp on benefits and pay and they seem to be very comfortable and I’m comfortable with that and it makes for a happier environment.

You can’t teach compassion, you can’t teach love, you can’t make somebody happy. The reason that            

in dentistry. My employees like working here and I like having them. I don’t              



you that way. We try to earn your trust so that you know we’re not going to let anything happen to you. Beyond that, we offer several different forms of sedation dentistry to help people out whether it is simply taking Ativan, some pill medication, to help with the anxiety, we offer Nitrous gas, we even go as far as conscious sedation to help people get work done and if at any point they feel                

anything from extractions to surgical extractions, crowns, bridges, cosmetic restoration. He has been able to take care of it. Amazing changes he has made in people’s lives.

Well we start with a theory that you are one of us, you are one of the family and we treat                                  

Office Manager of Gentle Family Dentistry

anxious and they want to stop, then we stop. We aren’t here to hold people down and force dentistry down their throat but we’re here to help them get it done and eventually they know it is easy, safe and comfortable here. Dr. Locker is, in my opinion, the best cosmetic dentist we have in this area. I haven’t seen anything he hasn’t been able to handle. I’ve seen him do                            



that he’s not satisfied if it isn’t his best and that’s how we like to treat our work, we want to give our best. So working for a dentist that also feels that way is comforting to know that he wants to give his best for the patients as well as us working our best for him. Dr. Locker, he likes to create more of a family atmosphere so that’s what we try and do is warmly welcome people and just make                   

mouth open the whole time. There wasn’t pain so it’s just being able to comfort someone when you’ve been through it and I think that helps us too that Dr. Locker does our dental work.

Dr. Locker, he is really genuinely caring. The dental work that he does, we know                  

Receptionist at Gentle Family Dentistry

them feel comfortable and welcomed. A lot of times patients are nervous coming into the dentist office and if we can try and set their minds at ease and make them feel comfortable here. They are nervous for their root canal, well I’ve had a root canal and the hardest part, I thought, was holding your                    

Sonya joined Gentle Family Dentistry in January of 2008. She will guide you through your treatment plan, insurance claims, payment arrangements, and all the details related to your care. She is ready and willing to answer all of your questions!

Danise is the first smiling face you will see when you come through our door. She started working for Gentle Family Dentistry in November of 1998, shortly after moving here from Ohio.



make this as comfortable as possible for you.” I work to each and every patient’s individual needs, I don’t treat, I don’t think, any one patient the same, especially if they are new. I try to feel out what they are going to be most comfortable with and make it a good experience for them. We use digital x-rays which that is definitely nice, they get less radiation that way. We use a                             

is very fair and he stands behind his work which I respect that about him and he does go over procedures with patients and tries to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible in a dental procedure.

People have dental fears so I just try to tell them “I’m going to be as gentle as possible and                  

Dental Hygienist at Gentle Family Dentistry

laser that helps to detect cavities, it’s called a Diagnodent and it helps to find cavities when they are small which is good because that is less drilling that a patient might have to undergo and it is an easier procedure. He explains the procedures well to patients and I really like that about him. He                                          

Kendra, our Dental Hygienist joined Dr. Locker in his practice in the fall of 1998. She is a gentle yet thorough hygienist. Our patients love her!



really have a good family relationship. I do enjoy patients and getting to see new people on a daily basis. I enjoy seeing someone’s dental health evolve as we do treatment on them. It’s fun when we get to do Smile Makeovers and see the difference it can make in someone. It is also fun to see someone who comes in and is very nervous or apprehensive and over time come in with a smile on their                        

all get along very well which I think our patients see that and I think that is another reason they feel welcomed when they come here.

I really enjoy just dentistry in general. I really enjoy the people who work here. We                       

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant at Gentle Family Dentistry

face rather than fear so that is very rewarding also. I don’t ever dread coming to work which is wonderful, not very many people can say that. We                  

Becky is one of Dr. Locker’s dental assistants. She started with Gentle Family Dentistry in September of 2001. In 2008, she became an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.



does and he stands behind his work. A lot of people that we see are nervous which is one of the reasons that they come here; because of the different options that we offer to kind of help relax them. We had one particular patient today whose mom called and said he wasn’t going to come in today but he seemed very happy when he left and he seemed very relaxed when he left as                                    

opposed to when he came in first thing this morning. Going to the dentist, you don’t have to be nervous, you are actually taking care of your body.

He takes care of his patients. He wants his patients to be happy with the work that he                       

Front Desk Assistant at Gentle Family Dentistry

Hi my name is Rachel. I’m one of the first voices you hear when you call Gentle Family Dentistry. I will use my experience in dentistry to answer all your dental questions and to get you scheduled to see Dr. Locker. We may also interact at the chairside when I assist Dr. Locker with your treatment. We can get all your dental needs addressed in a timely manner that best suits your schedule.



in any way that we possibly can. You know I didn’t like my smile, I didn’t like that my teeth were crooked and Dr. Locker said I was a candidate for Invisalign and he also explains so that the patients who are interested in Invisalign, he does provide it here and I will just come into the room, whenever he has me come over and show the patient what Invisalign looks like on a                                 

so that excites them a little bit and they want to try it out. Dr. Locker, he strives for perfection, not just settles for okay work, he doesn’t like for any patient to leave the office unless it is perfect.

Patients can just expect to be welcomed right in and we will do our best to help them out                   

Dental Assistant at Gentle Family Dentistry

person because some people may think, no they don’t want to do that, they are afraid it can be seen, and when I smile for them, they can’t really see it                     

Hi, my name is Ashliegh. I am Dr. Locker’s dental assistant. It’s my job to ensure that you feel comfortable before, during and after treatment. We will go over your medical history, take some x-rays and plan how to restore your mouth to a great condition. I am here to help you become the very best that you can be.

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