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A healthy smile can work wonders for your social life and your career. If you’re unhappy with your teeth, visit Gentle Family Dentistry for a custom smile makeover. Dr. Locker is a cosmetic dentist who specializes in transforming dull teeth into celebrity smiles by providing professional teeth bleaching, white fillings, and high-­quality porcelain jacket crowns and dentures for teeth replacement.

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Dr. Locker uses white or composite resin fillings to treat cavities and repair minor chips, cracks, and spaces between teeth. White fillings are metal free and mercury free, and they are recommended for superior aesthetics. White fillings are perfect for people with metal allergies and those who are concerned about mercury potentially leaking out of silver amalgam fillings.


Find out how a custom smile makeover can improve your smile and change your life. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Locker by calling 814-693-6777 or using our appointment form.

veneers on your front teeth to change the look of your smile, to change the length or shape of your teeth, to enhance your smile. A lot of people have discolored teeth,                         

designed to be. They aren’t paper thin so they are more secure, they last longer, they are able to help you eat better and they do help prevent cavities a lot better than the old porcelain veneers do.

A smile makeover generally consists of doing porcelain crowns and/or cosmetic composite                                 

teeth that have large old fillings in them and in just a couple of weeks, change your entire smile, make it absolutely gorgeous and you get to pick the smile you want too. The process I do, instead of veneers, is porcelain jacket crowns. They cover the entire tooth, they are much more secure, they are made of a much stronger material and the porcelain itself is thicker, it’s not as thin as a little microscope cover glass like veneers are                                       

Brighten your smile safely and quickly with professional deep bleaching at Gentle family Dentistry. Unlike over-­the-­counter whitening products, there is no risk of using too much peroxide gel and harming your gums, cheeks and lips. Deep bleaching can get rid of the most stubborn stains, even tobacco and tetracycline stains.


Dental crowns are full-­coverage caps that treat severe damage and replace missing teeth. For isolated spaces in the mouth, your dentist in Blair County may recommend dental bridges. Several missing teeth can be replaced with full dentures or partials. At Gentle Family Dentistry, we create high-­quality, modern restorations that look healthy and natural and fit your mouth perfectly.