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The goal of root canal or endodontic therapy is to save a decayed or damaged tooth so it does not have to be extracted. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp in the center of the tooth, cleaning, and sealing off the space, and restoring the tooth with a dental crown. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic, so it is completely painless. Duncansville, Pa. dentist Dr. Locker provides painless root canal therapy to treat infection of the dental pulp. Treating the infection assures that the problem will not spread to your healthy teeth.

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root canal therapy near altoona pa

decay or trauma. Sometimes people get hit in the mouth. Sometimes a tooth is so badly decayed that the nerve is damaged. The nerve is in the center of the tooth and                        

radiation you need in order to get your root canal done. There is no reason for you to fear it. If you come in here afraid, we will help you with that as well.

Root canals are necessary after a damaged nerve or a dead nerve which can be done either from                        

runs in what we call canals, root canals. When that nerve gets damaged the tooth dies and when the tooth dies, it gets very brittle and will break. The worst thing that can happen is an abscess, a giant infection at the tip of the roots of a tooth with a damaged or dead nerve. That’s when you see people with swollen cheeks, in lots of pain, lots of swelling. That’s not a lot of fun. Don’t wait till that happens. If you’ve got bad teeth, if you’ve got decayed teeth, get them fixed before that happens. You are headed in that direction if you’ve got cavities. You don’t have to wait until then. A root canal is an absolutely painless procedure if done at the right time for you. One of the high tech things that I have is for doing root canals, it is a little sonar device that I attach to the root canal file and it tells me when the file reaches the tip of the root so we no longer have to shoot three, four, five or six x-rays to make sure we are at the right place. We cut way back on the amount of            

painless root canal in altoona pa

When trauma or bacteria damages the inner chamber of the tooth that contains the dental pulp, you may feel severe root canal pain. The dental pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that trigger pain when irritated. Infection must be treated immediately to prevent damage to surrounding bone and tissues.

Call us right away if you experience any of the following root canal symptoms of an infected dental pulp: