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Are you afraid of going to the dentist? We understand. Anxiety can range from nervous apprehension to extreme dental phobia and fear about getting dental care. We help patients cope with dental anxiety every day. Knowing more about how we make our patients comfortable may help. We also offer oral medication that will make you extremely relaxed and un-caring, and make you forget you were at the sedation dentist later on.

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Dr. Neal Locker and our compassionate staff will discuss everything that needs to be done, so there are no surprises. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about what to expect and how we are going to help ease you through the process.


We know it can make you feel vulnerable to be in a medical environment, especially if you are anxious. The last thing you need to worry about is a busy office where other patients can see and hear you getting dental work. All of our operatories are private. If you prefer to get your procedures completed in fewer visits, we can even arrange for longer appointments when no other patients are being seen.


Dr. Locker uses “The Wand” to administer novocaine to numb your mouth before doing anything that would make you uncomfortable. Unlike the old way, The Wand delivers the numbing agent slowly and painlessly. You will have ample medicine, so you will not feel a thing!


We have great news for our patients who struggle with anxiety! At Gentle Family Dentistry, we provide conscious sedation dentistry in the form of Nitrous Oxide, as well as other drugs. Safe for children and adults, nitrous oxide gas is delivered through an inhaler over the nose. It acts quickly to help you relax completely without losing consciousness.

Do not let dental anxiety and fear keep you from having the dental treatment you need and want for a beautiful and healthy smile. Use our online form or call us at 814-693-6777 to make an appointment.