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A mouthguard is a U-shaped piece of plastic which fits between and protects the upper and lower teeth as well as your jaw. For sports like boxing, ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and football, mouthguards are generally required. Dr. Locker highly recommends the use of athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth in any sport or activity where dental injury is even a possibility. Mouthguards made by a dentist are made of superior materials and create a better fit for maximum protection. We make customized molded athletic mouthguards right here at Gentle Family Dentistry.

No matter what level you play, be sure to play it safe when it comes to protecting your teeth. Use our online form to request an appointment, or call 814-693-6777, and get your custom mouthguards made before your next practice or game.


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Athletic mouth guards

athletic mouth guards. We can make custom made mouth guards out of a very, very strong rubberized material here, made just for you for your mouth. We can make you       

mouth with a ball or a bat or a racket or anything like that, protect those teeth, they are the last set you are getting. The next set, I’m going to have to make for you.

Personally I think that all kids involved in any kind of contact sport in schools should wear                               

the ones with the hard plastic button behind the front teeth. If you get hit hard enough in the mouth, teeth can move without that button being back there to hold it in place and it’s a great material and they come in a variety of different colors. I think it should be a requirement in schools all the way up through college. If you are going to play college ball, wrestling, any kind of contact sport where you can get elbowed in the mouth or get hit in the