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Dentists want to preserve your natural teeth, not remove them. Extraction is often performed as a last resort when the tooth cannot be saved, or when it is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. Tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure commonly performed in dental offices. Extraction is done under local anesthetic with sedation (if the patient has dental anxiety) and usually completed in one visit.

Your dentist in Duncansville, PA., may recommend extraction when the tooth is trapped in the bone or gums, or when the tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy. Other cases where extraction is performed:

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If trauma or infection has destroyed most of the tooth, underlying bone, and soft tissues, your dentist will remove the tooth and replace it instead of performing a root canal.


Some teeth may need to be extracted for braces to work properly. This is usually done if there is severe crowding or there is not enough room for teeth to be repositioned.

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for painless Novocaine, we’ll get good and numb, I’ll test it first to make sure it is numb and then we will remove your tooth for you. The extraction is painless. There is                               

nothing to worry about and I have a lot of people after the extraction who say “are you done already, is that it”, yes that’s it. You’re all done.

If you have an adult tooth that needs to be removed, I’ll give you Novocaine, I will use the wand                   

Severe gum disease can cause a tooth to become loose from its socket. Your dentist will remove the tooth if it cannot be re-­attached.


If you are getting complete dentures, any remaining teeth must be removed to make room for the denture.


Wisdom teeth are usually the last to come in, and when they do, they may cause problems. Because the mouth is already crowded, wisdom teeth can get trapped in the gums or bone and cause severe pain and infection. The impacted tooth can also push nearby teeth out of alignment, so a wisdom teeth extraction is needed to prevent damage to surrounding areas.