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If you have a dental emergency care that is needed to attend, it is urgent that you come and see us right away. Dental pain or injury should never be ignored. Procrastination can lead to infection, increased pain, and more extensive and costly procedures to address the problem. We want you to be pain-free and have your teeth restored as soon as possible.

The three main causes of dental emergencies are advanced tooth decay, injury, and infection.

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Same day dental emergencies

broken tooth, something that they don’t understand going on in their mouth therefore I’ve instructed my staff that if people call with an emergency, we’re going to see               

getting in here because I don’t want you going around in pain. I don’t want you to be miserable. I want you to be comfortable, happy and healthy.

People don’t want to wait to see a dentist when they have what they consider an emergency; pain, a                     

them ASAP. If you have a toothache and you are a new patient or even a patient of record, and you have an emergency and you need in, you’re                    

Symptoms of infection include pain, swelling, redness, pus pockets, and fever. If you have any of these symptoms, please call us immediately. Infection can spread rapidly, putting your oral and overall health at risk. Whether it is an abscess, mouth sore, or swollen gums, we will treat you as soon as possible.


When bacteria laden plaque attacks a tooth, it can eat away at the protective enamel and invade the pulp, or even the root of the tooth where there are very sensitive nerves. Call us for urgent care to stop the pain and save your tooth.


If you have suffered an injury to your mouth, you should be seen immediately. Any teeth (or pieces of teeth) or restorations that have fallen out should be brought with you. We will get you pain relief and make sure your teeth are restored.


When you have a dental emergency, there is no time to wait. Please call us immediately at 814-693-6777, and we will see you ASAP!