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I'm Embarrassed to Smile


Are you hiding your smile behind your hand because of dental problems? Maybe your mouth is fine but you are embarrassed to smile because of crooked, gapped, or misshapen teeth. If you wish you had someone else’s smile, it’s time to visit Gentle Family Dentistry. Duncansville, Pa., dentist Dr. Locker can give you the smile of your dreams and keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.




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For minor cavities, Dr. Locker can use bonding resin, white fillings that blend in with your natural teeth. Besides being aesthetically superior to silver amalgam fillings, white fillings contain no metal or mercury. Special fillings called inlays or onlays are used to treat moderate decay, while root canal therapy and dental crowns are recommended for severe damage.


themselves. I’ve had patients come in who were so embarrassed about their teeth that they would sit there and talk to me like this with their hand in front of their mouth but                  

are able to help people change their lives and get away from the poor self-esteem caused by not having a smile that they like.

I think the most rewarding part of being a dentist is the fact that I can help people feel better about                    

by the time we are done with them, they are out there smiling at everybody and I love that. I really like to help people feel better about themselves. I had one patient a couple of years ago who was quite a bit overweight and came to me because she didn’t like her smile, wanted her teeth whitened, some of her front teeth were broken and chipped but through the deep bleaching and Smile Makeover, we just changed her whole life. She then lost 100 pounds and got married. That made us all feel really good that we                                  

Whiten your teeth permanently with professional deep bleaching at Gentle Family Dentistry. Unlike do-­it-­yourself whitening pastes, gels and strips that you can buy over the counter, deep bleaching is safe and very effective. Deep bleaching involves in-­office whitening and at-­home whitening sessions.


Dr. Locker is a certified Invisalign provider. Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic system that uses clear, removable aligners instead of metal braces to straighten teeth. The aligners look like custom whitening trays that fit over your upper or lower teeth. Invisalign is nearly invisible so you can smile with confidence. The trays are swapped out once every two weeks throughout the course of treatment.


It’s hard to smile when you have missing teeth. Dr. Locker provides high-­quality, modern bridgework, dentures, and partials to replace lost teeth, restore chewing function, and support the facial structure. If you are wearing old, failing appliances, Dr. Locker can adjust, repair, or replace them.

Get the smile of your dreams at Gentle Family Dentistry. To request an appointment, call 814-693-6777 or use our online appointment form.