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Many people who have tried DIY teeth whitening did not get the results they want. One reason is the low concentration of peroxide in over-­the-­counter whitening products that takes forever to bleach teeth effectively. Maybe you’ve had your teeth whitened professionally, but your teeth are now back to their original color. For truly effective professional teeth whitening, visit Gentle Family Dentistry for professional deep bleaching. Deep bleaching is unlike traditional whitening methods. The technique combines two in-­office whitening sessions with two weeks of at-­home bleaching sessions using custom whitening trays for results that last.

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you that we’re going to make you Hollywood white is because of the process involved. The trays that we make for your at home conditioning during the two weeks are                       

you from wherever you are to absolute blazing white. So it works very well, we are very comfortable with it and you are going to be comfortable with your new smile too.

We can take your teeth and turn them Hollywood white in two weeks and the reason we can tell           

specifically designed to hold the material in place to make sure you get the absolute most of the material rather than swallowing it all in the first hour you were wearing it. Zoom treatments that we do at the beginning and the end of the two weeks; the beginning one conditions your teeth to accept the high quality and high density bleaching material that we use that you take home with you and use in your trays. After two weeks of conditioning with this special material, we do another final zoom treatment that takes                           

Deep bleaching is a teeth whitening procedure that uses custom trays to deliver peroxide gel to your teeth. Typical bleaching trays leak and allow saliva to dilute the bleaching solution, leading to ineffective whitening. Deep bleaching trays at Gentle Family Dental are form-­fitting, sealing in the bleaching gel while sealing out the saliva so that full-­strength peroxide can do its job properly. Take-­home deep bleaching trays are typically worn while you sleep when you don’t salivate much and when oxygen is released in the mouth all night long. Oxygen thus penetrates the enamel much better and more deeply to zap stain molecules.


First, Dr. Locker will examine your mouth thoroughly to determine if deep bleaching is right for you. Your mouth must be healthy without visible decay or gum disease. Dr. Locker will then take teeth impressions or molds to design the deep bleaching trays. On your next visit, Dr. Locker will apply peroxide gel to your teeth to enhance their ability to absorb oxygen. You will also receive a home bleaching kit and instructions on how to use the trays. After two weeks, you will return to the clinic for a final in-­office deep bleaching session.

Get whiter, brighter teeth today with dental deep bleaching. Schedule a consultation with your dentist in Altoona by calling 814-693-6777.